Year-End Blah

I have been afflicted with the disease every budding blogger dreads — slacking.

For the past six months, a lot of unexpected shizms have transpired, which shocked me to a level of what the fuck. I managed to ride on and go with it. After all, life is but a whirlpool of randomness (although those keen on physics might not so happily agree).

So yes, I have been lazy a lot lately; I haven’t logged in ages. I used to have the enthusiasm of a maniacal savant especially in blogging. Documenting what I think is fucked up and beautiful still brings me so much joy and sex drive (yep), but somehow, my lazy self proves otherwise. I haven’t stopped writing though. But most of my thoughts I orgasmed on pen and paper.

The passages after the jump I wrote not long ago — this will be my last entry for this year. It’s highly unlikely of me, but I found myself one day on the porch, visciously writing on the subject I have avoided for so long – LOVE. Surprise, surprise!

Do not, for the love of God, judge. Enjoy, if you can.

No? Go fuck yourself. 🙂


The only language that is never foreign or misunderstood is love. It is is the universal language understood by humanity, and is best spoken without words.

Love is manifested through acts of kindness, acceptance, respect, and tolerance. Yet such actions are more of a rarity these days. All of humanity long to find acceptance of their true self — regardless of one’s race, religion, sexual orientation, and political views. To accept another person whole-heartedly means disregarding everything else, even the tinies negative aspect — because love is unconditional.

With all that is happening these days, it is rather difficult to find love amidst war and hate. Yet the one thing that separates us from all other living things is hope, by means of ‘holding on’.

Hope is something that keeps us alive and bind us in solidarity. It is one of love’s solid elements that create a positive energy among human beings. Most of us have been hurt, frustrated, depressed, and have felt completely useless at some point. Ironically, these emotions, more often than not, are caused by the ones we really care about the most. 

But would you really call it a life if one has never experienced these things? To rise above hopelessness and overcome it is a feeling a person will remember and treasure for the rest of his life. Sharing your victory with family, friends, and loved ones will create a spark of hope, which will eventually unfurl and resonate with the people around you.

The positive energy brought about by love is what the world needs these days. Spread love while you are alive and capable, for it is the only thing that conquers all.