My name is Arianne Gift, but my friends call me Didoi (don’t ask).

I’ve never been good in organizing stuff – petty things and whatnots. Even my most treasured books are gone; gifts from important people, my hankies, a gazillion lighters – I ALWAYS LOSE THINGS.

So this blog is to make sure that everything I adore/loathe will be documented. Even the most disgusting things are to be published here.

A few things in this world are so abominable, it’s fucking beautiful.

UPDATE: I post personal shit occasionally. Nothing cheesy. It’s mostly random thoughts that I can’t post anywhere else. Scroll past them, if you must.

16 thoughts on “Hell-o

  1. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections,
    I feel you may find something of your interest.

  2. Gracious me! And a lovely portrait as well, young Miss! And quite a delectable smile. My dear Mrs Emeron, is sitting right behind me looking over my shoulder expressing all manner of delight. I think she might like us to adopt you! (although I’m sure the position must be taken already : )

    Still… I have quite a lot of experience and rather a gift in the way of pattern recognition. To that end, I have often found more often than not “beauty inside and out” to be more the rule than the exception.” I know such things–physical traits–are ephemeral and fleetin–very much so at my age–yet oft-times such things are the stuff of which poetry is made, as you well know!

    Regrettably, owing to a very tight schedule, I cannot lately show as much appreciation on as many sites as I would like. But I have taken some time out, due entirely to your enthusiastic comment, which clearly is echoed in much of what I see herein.

    1. Sorry it took time for me to respond but I’m into a lot of stuff right now and I just can’t find time to do research and post something worthwhile.

      I’m really grateful though for the lovely comments. Your kind words pushed me to be a better blogger (literatus?). I just hope that I’d find myself able to update my blog; since I know now that there are people who appreciate my oddity.

      Kisses to the kind Mrs Emeron.

      1. When one is young, it can be quite a challenge to remain consistent. One needs to appreciate ones own oddity and yet not let the “tail wag the dog,” as it were. At your age I had many many distractions; and consistency was much more difficult to maintain. However…. its pursuit made for an interesting ride, let us say.

        What is most important is to keep at the things about which one is most passionate. If not continuously, then… continually, at the very least. The more one keeps returning again and again and again to ones joyous pursuits, the more one enjoys, and consequently masters them.

  3. You are beautiful. Hey the world is either a fucked up place or it’s beautiful, but unless our head’s are up our collective asses it’s both fucked up and beautiful, so combine the two and it’s fucking beautiful….

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