The Invisible Mother

Anything photographed in the 19th Century always has this eerie element to it, regardless of the nature. You see, early photographs don’t have full color – as we all know, they always come in sepia, or in black and white.  If recovered in the modern times, it would be all blurry; with scratches and marks of fading brought by time. And their faces – good god – why do people from the past always look gloomy in pictures?

Below though are some mind-boggling photographs of kids – being squirmy as fuck – the reason why photographers had to device a technique in order to keep them still. They call it – The Invisible Mother.

Now it doesn’t have to be necessarily the kid’s mum, but some unlucky fella would have to be hidden beneath a drape, or camouflaged somewhere on the scene just to hold the kid still. Even in the older days, photobombers were a bummer.

This was a practice where the mother, often disguised or hiding, often under a spread, holds her baby tightly for the photographer to insure a sharply focused image.


Hidden Mother

Hidden Mother

Hidden Mother

Hidden Mother

Hidden Mother

Hidden Mother

Hidden Mother

Hidden Mother


11 thoughts on “The Invisible Mother

  1. This post has had me crying with laughter as I have done this for real in the studio many times but hopefully not as obviously as the examples here. The reason for doing it today is for the baby to feel secure in a strange environment not so much to hold them still. This post reminds me how happy I am not to have to do that type of shoot any more!

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