Shirō Ishii – Unit 731, Asian Auschwitz


Call me a creeper, but I’m more likely to take interest in stuff that scares the shit out of me. I stumbled upon Shirō Ishii just this morning. Believe me, if I had a life outside, I would never even know that such man ever existed.


As head of Japan’s infamous Unit 731 (a covert biological and chemical warfare research and development unit of the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II), Dr. Shiro Ishii (head of medicine) carried out violent human experimentation of tens of thousands during the Second Sino-Japenses War and World War II. Ishii was responsible for testing vivisection techniques without any anesthesia on human prisoners. For the uninitiated, vivisection is the act of conducting experimental surgery on living creatures (with central nervousness) and examining their insides for scientific purposes.

So basically, he was giving unnecessary surgery to prisoners by opening them all the way up, keeping them alive and not using any anesthetic.

During these experiments he would also force pregnant women to abort their babies. He also played God by subjecting his prisoners to change in physiological conditions and inducing strokes, heart attacks, frost bite, and hypothermia. Ishii considered these subjects “logs”.

Following imminent defeat in 1945, Japan blew up the Unity 731 complex and Ishii ordered all the remaining “logs” to be executed. Not soon after, Ishii was arrested. And then, the respected General Douglas McArthur allegedly struck a deal with Ishii. If the U.S. granted Ishii immunity from his crimes, he must exchange all germ warfare data based on human experimentation.

So Ishii got away with his crimes because the US became interested in the results of his research.

While not directly responsible for these acts, the actions of the American government certainly illustrated it was more than willing to condone human torture for advancements in biological warfare that could kill even more people.

Not a surprise, considering its past resume. Ishii remained alive until 1959, performing research into bio-weaponry and probably thinking up more plans to annihilate people in different, Dr. Giggles-esque ways to his dying day.

So here are some gruesome photos. Not a pretty sight but it’s worth the knowledge, if you ask me.

The first female prisoner of Unit 731 is a victim of the phosphorus burn wound experiments conducted by microbiologist Shiro Ishii

The first female prisoner of Unit 731 is a victim of the phosphorus burn wound experiments conducted by microbiologist Shiro Ishii

The second female victim developed gas gangrene of her buttocks after the test of the ceramic bomb filled with Clostridium bacterial spores

The second female victim developed gas gangrene of her buttocks after the test of the ceramic bomb filled with Clostridium bacterial spores

Russian woman prisoner at Japanese Invasion Army Unit 731. She died during the test of the ceramic bomb exposure's effect on a human body

Russian woman prisoner at Japanese Invasion Army Unit 731. She died during the test of the ceramic bomb exposure’s effect on a human body

A vivisection of the pregnant womanat the Unit 731. This pregnant young woman was infected with syphilis for to study the efficiency of the new Japanese antibiotic terramycin on the infected fetus

A vivisection of the pregnant woman at the Unit 731. This pregnant young woman was infected with syphilis to study the efficiency of the new Japanese antibiotic terramycin on the infected fetus

72 thoughts on “Shirō Ishii – Unit 731, Asian Auschwitz

    1. I find it strange that people have taken 60+yrs of what I knew as a teenager, because two sides of my family came across Bergen-Belsen, Auswitz and the others in Nanking/Manchuria operated by 731.

      ALL the German ‘files of interest’ to be expressed through what are known as ‘The Paperclip Files’ because a paperclip placed on the right top corner of their A4 files.

      Everyone from von Braun to Mengele and thousands of others from the SS in high altitude trials for flying/rocket pilots was based on what was not legally possible in the west.

      But the Russians and Yanks fought over it….sometimes literally for filing cabinets.

      There were even sex experiments with Jewish men and air pressure at its lowest with Jewess women to see how high (by air pressure reduced) sex could happen.

      Just as a bye the way, the yanks may have been to PC, but you can guarantee the Russians

      The yanks had 50+yrs of research done for them. Same as the US and Russian space missions were built by the German scientists. Same same.

      To use an analagy, “Knowlege equals Power”…….well if you find someone else has done the dirty work for you.
      You are clean and clear.

      Menegele’s experiments on twins and high and low pressere persons, and even more sick by Nippon 731.

      As a retired member of an extremely little known Spec F group, trust me, if they knew no-one would blow the whistle, EVERY power hungry government would use something equally destructive.
      From Antimony & Ergot, to gas LSD25.

      If you can make ‘Legal Highs’ its just as easy to make legal end games. how infectious, how borne. By air ,by touch, sweat, food [the worst].

      And the scariest part of it just matters how fast you want them to work…….

      I won’t explain the rest as its a risk. But its only a time before it comes.

      The only reason that stops it is that it will go back to the lunatic that made it happen within a week.

      Known as MAD.

      Mutually Assured Destruction.

      Chicken shit started from one businessman in a lift in HK. in 24hrs was in Canada… the maths and kiss your ass goodbye.

      Mery Christmas!

      Lt Cdr RN Comb Ops JMG B*********[ret]

  1. In saying I like the post I am saying I like the brilliant way you describe something that’s so terrible it beggars belief. Good on you for shining a light in some of the darker corners. As you say knowledge is important and it’s probably the only way we can work against such darkness,

  2. What is most troubling to me about all this are 2 things: 1. the attitudes of the Japanese (both people & state) to their behaviour in WW II (essentially denial of atrocities committed, arrogance (and only a theatrical show of remorse) about how they acted, and an utter refusal to teach the full story in Japanese schools – this is in stark contrast to how the Germans have dealt with it); 2. the US / West’s attitude towards certain aspects of WW II (from the overlooking of Hirohito’s role in all this to the smuggling of Nazi scientists to the US after the war (Operation Paperclip), to a similar attitude to the research conducted by unit 731. How any state manages its duplicity so well astounds me, but does not really surprise me, as I do not expect anything better from the politicians amongst us.

  3. Every once in awhile I’ll expose individuals I know to things of this nature. It’s important to realize that horrific and violent things can and do happen every hour of every day. Thank you for posting this I found it truly fascinating and I’m sure this will now lead to countless hours of reading material.

    1. It is estimated that 23 million people lost their lives to the Japanese during the second world war. These included not just fighting forces but prisoners of war, civilians, men, women and children of opposing countries and civilians of countries invaded by them, those involved as guinea pigs in experimentation, comfort women etc…… You only had to see what they did in China in the 30’s to know what was coming, yet as you say nothing is taught to Japanese schoolchildren except how the Americans used the atomic bomb on civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    2. Don’t be astounished by how government acts. For those in power, we’re just random IDs at their disposal, tools and bricks to be used at will in their quest to build the “perfect” world. Some grant us some freedom, because that make us more productive, but all of them who believe government must direct society sees indivuduals as mere disposable items.

  4. Thank you for the comments – it makes me happy that people are still visiting my blog, after the long absence. I’m glad this served as new knowledge to some, but this doesn’t mean that I condone any of them, despite the nature of my blog.

    Thank you for taking the time to read – it is much appreciated.

  5. Ive seen a movie that shows this. They put prisoners into an asyllum (alive) and play a super high pitch sound. This made the prisoners’ intestines pop out of their asses. It was so sick. I never forgot that.

    1. That’s really gruesome. We wonder how writers and directors come up with such horrendous details; then we later realize it’s all based on real events.

    2. The film is called “Men behind the sun”. The film is pretty notorious for the use of real human corpses for some scenes, including the one you described. Those were real intestines shooting out of a real corpse.

  6. America took way phosphorus bombs and all methods of genocide, carried out in Vietnam and Arabs in Iraq, as well as supported Israel’s killing of thousands of Palestinian Arabs!Damn them

    1. Screw you, bans. I love this fucking country and am so glad we dropped the bombs on those fucking japs. I’m sick and tired of hearing some stupid people say that America should apologize to japan. Screw you assholes. Before you start putting down America you maggots need to go back in history and see what those fucking japs did to prisoners. Worse than, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein. The japs were the worst of all. I hate them and their ignorance. To say that raping and brutalizing all those innocent Chinese women was justified because they were all whores and prostitutes??? Assholes and the japs of today still believe all that shit. So you assholes, especially you, bans, need to watch the video, The Rape Of Nanking and tell me how you feel about those cocksucking japs. Screw all of you America haters. We should of bombed all of japan. SCREW THOSE ASSHOLES!!!

      1. I was raised in a family that believes EXACTLY as you state. Please forgive. You will have far more power if you do. I understand and support you. God bless America.

      2. I saw photos on line of what the Japs did to the Chinese in WW11, and it was not only the women they raped, beat and murdered, they also did those horrible things to the children, in the article I read, which showed the photos, it was stated that the Japs actually took their knives, and “slit” the childrens private parts, etc, to make it possible for the Japs could penetrate the children, as the children were so small…I agree, about how they should not be trusted, after they did not actually drop a card, to our troops at Pearl harbor, it was a “surprise party, and that was shortly after the Japs, said they wanted peace with the US, and that we were their friends and allies ……

    2. How can you mention Israel in the same sentence as phosphorous bombs and genocide. Israel keeps sending in humanitarian supplies to the Palestinians, and only responds when it’s own citizens are bombed.

  7. May all the members of Unit 731 and other human experimentation units burn in hell for what they did. The same goes to those in the US government who pardoned them in exchange for the data of their experiments.

    1. The USA will be better off without types like you, Mr. Sam Stanley. Please make yourself, and the country happier, and leave. and in a few years, write to tell us how you like the third world you have moved to.

    1. There is indeed eternal justice, as people like hitler, Stalin, McArthur, ishii, mengele, and perhaps Lucious Clay have found out.

      This is why we must teach each generation so as not to be forgotten. Some of these “Americans” degrade the outstanding memories like those of the U.S. Marines who 70 years ago today raised Old Glory on Iwo Jima.

  8. Some of your posters here respond in a very predictable way. They “rightly?” feel complete moral outrage, as do I. However, and I realize that to use 2 sentences here to offer any type of reasonable explanation is beyond possibility…., the decision to give immunity to these “doctors”, or “scientists” if you will, whether they be Japanese, German, Russian, etc. is one that is in so many ways necessary. Those in positions of power, those few entrusted by their governments to make such decisions, have to almost completely remove their own sense of morality, of any rational value system. In doing so operate in a world that is in many ways a photo negative of the real world. White is black, black is white, up is down, as so on. One needs to almost work in a world of pure mathematical equivalency. You need to apply almost pure logic without emotion in order to see that there are benefits to allowing these murderers to live. You don’t do it as a reward, or as some kind of “gift”, you do it because unfortunately these murderous psychotics have something of value. You cannot think with your heart, because your first reaction would be to just shoot the S.O.B.’s. Rather you need to think about what such knowledge could do to help your Country, your Cause so to speak. It isn’t something I want to ever do, but I thank God they are there to do it for me. I believe in a world where good and bad exist together every day. They are intertwined, inseparable. To try and understand it all, the negative, the bad, to try to feel all of this pain would kill me in a few weeks. It takes something I don’t completely understand, and even the smartest people out there can’t completely understand this concept. Somehow, some way, that little unborn baby in that mother’s stomach, the one that made me cry for an hour straight today, I just have to believe did not die in vain. I have to believe that something we learned was applied in some way to help save others. If I didn’t believe that how could I stay sane another day. How can anyone look at the mother or that baby and not be sickened. All of those people, dead for what? I have to believe that Shiro Ishii lived with nightmares and guilt the rest of his life. See, I said I couldn’t say what I wanted in 2 sentences….lol

    1. Fool.

      If you do show them leniency, you get what you want from them and then exterminate them the way they did their victims. They are due no honor of word. You make sure their fellow countrymen know what they did, and why they were executed. You then let the citizens know if they harbor any cohorts of the executed, that their entire family will be executed.

      You get your cake and eat it as well.

      And companies like Bayer do not profit from the murders of the nazis.

      We did not start it, but we will dispense justice. The souls of our honorable POWs and military demand it from Heaven.

    2. you sound like a psychopath! you need not inflict so much pain on someone just to learn something! Ancient people learned many things without inflicting agony on anyone!

  9. few americans know that Hitler studied and copied genocide here in the states. the elites wanted a ‘certain’ society’. go ahead and look it up yourself. all the freebies like food stamps are just the fattening stage…

  10. It makes you wonder what would it take for humans to revert back to this. By that, I mean Japanese today have a pacifist constitution. They are viewed as teddy bears. But it was only 2 or 3 generations ago they were cutting peoples heads off — taking no prisoners.
    I’m not convinced that ability isn’t in humans genome or DNA anymore. I think it’s still there. Lying dormant. Until something else precipitates it.

    1. And they are teaching their high school students that unit 731 did not exist, or the rape of Nanking, or the comfort women.

      They are trying to revert in a way.

  11. Ther is no such thing like a “good government”. People with political power are murderers – always and everywhere.

  12. Man is the only species on Earth that can conceive such horrendous acts, “good at it” . So many hear only what they think to be true, seeing only what is not hidden.

  13. to think as a human race of equal intellegence, parts of the human race can stoop to levels of darkness. truly these people were truly brutal, and can motivate some evil thoughts in retribution.

  14. I don’t know what to say about this. It’s so gross and giddings how can man be so incredibly cruel and not feel his patients pain and agony?
    I’m sad I am forced to live in a world like this .

  15. I have respected the Japanese all my life till I learnt about the atrocities visited on the people of China and the Philippines by the Japanese. I am reeling
    from the shock. Worse still, they aren’t sorry! And the “good” Americans who bombed the fight out of them didn’t act any better.

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