Aokigahara Forest – Where the Depressed are Drawn

Aokigahara Forest

One way or another, Aokigahara will definitely show up if you Google “creepiest places on Earth”.

It makes perfect sense, since it’s probably the only place on Earth where dead bodies are scattered around that’s neither the aftermath of war or genocide.

suicide forest

suicide forest

If not on the ground then on the trees – hanging. Creepy.

More than 500 corpses (skeletons?) have been found since the 1950s so that makes it about 100 bodies discovered yearly. There are signs all over the place marked “Think of your family!” or “Life is precious!” in efforts to nudge those who are depressed and maybe reconsider things.

suicide forest

A sign at the entrance to the forest urges the suicidal to reconsider and think of their families

The forest is located just at the base of Mount Fuji and it’s reportedly so fucking dense that the government suspects that some bodies are bypassed or unaccounted for.

So why Aokigahara?

The obvious answer is the land’s topography. It’s dark, thick, gloomy – the perfect place for those who want to remain unseen and fade into oblivion. Some say that the trend was triggered by a novel written by Seicho Matsumoto entitled Kuroi Kaiju. I haven’t read the book but at some point of the story two of the characters supposedly killed themselves in Aokigahara.

Easy suggestion, a clear scapegoat; but for whatever reason, the miserable are drawn there.

Here’s something with skin and flesh.

suicide forest

suicide forest


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