La Venus Endormie



The Sleeping Venus

La Venus Endormie

Artist: Paul Delvaux

Completion Date: 1944

Style: Surrealism

Technique / Material: oil on canvass

Gallery: Tate Gallery, London, UK

Paul Delvaux may be gone, but what he left behind is every surrealist’s orgasm. From an untrained eye, the guy has pretty good taste. He obviously likes boobs and pubes, which makes his artwork a tad more interesting.

His works are often associated with Surrealism but he did not consider himself “a Surrealist in the scholastic sense of the word.”

Female nudes or not, the guy took serious inspiration for all his work. From Jules Verne to Homer, the results were an impeccable display of mythology and fiction.

Nude women and skeletons – a perfect combination of macabre and beauty. We see a lot of such themes today, but most of them are recreations and inspired works by Delvaux and similar artists.

Although the old are meant to die, their legacy stubbornly finds a way to creep right into our brains making us appreciate this “poetic dimension in art”.


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